Veera Jumpsuit back by popular demand is now almost SOLD OUT AGAIN!

The Veera Jumpsuit, designed originally by 'Don and Donna' was introduced to the fashion market in February of 2021, along with the brand launch. The piece was a part of the Spring Collection, 'Escapism' that drew its inspiration from the western culture of fashion and the traditional ways of Ceylonese dressing. The jumpsuit had become a hot topic overnight among those who love to wear exclusive clothing, making the piece sell out just within days of launching.

The jumpsuit has the option of styling in many several ways. It is the perfect resort outfit for someone who loves a quick outfit change. The Veera Jumpsuit not only provides the wearer unbelievable comfort but also a sense of confidence and elegance.

The Veera Jumpsuit came back in black and white with the new Holiday collection, 'Dopamine' - launched on the 01st of November 2021. Again within a few days, the team is finding that the numbers of all sizes and colors are selling out again, some already have sold out!

Due to the popular demand and several requests coming in, the team at Don and Donna has decided to restock the item with a few more pieces. Donnas around the island now have the option to pre-order their jumpsuit before the 07th of November 2021.

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